Get vaccinated and ask for a little more


Once a person is vaccinated, all precautionary measures against Govt-19 should not be abandoned immediately

As the World Health Organization says, everyone should safely follow the precautionary policy. You should be as follows:

Continue to wear good quality masks

Wear masks properly

Avoid crowded places

Avoid going to poorly ventilated places

Hands should be washed frequently

Do not touch eyes, mouth or nose with unwashed hands

Use sanitizer and / or soap and water

Note the rules of social distance

For those who have had COVID-19 in the past, the antibodies produced in your body during the infection can help fight future infections. This is called natural immunity. But that too diminishes after a while. Your vaccine provides a program for your immune system that helps identify when and where the virus enters the body and fights it before it infects your body.

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COVID-19 vaccines boost immunity. Causing flu-like symptoms. But experts warn that this is a normal sign that the body is developing immunity against the virus. The vaccine does not cause you to develop COVID-19. .


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