Have diabetes … then you must not eat all this!


When diabetes occurs it is necessary to avoid certain foods, exercise and make some changes in lifestyle. Just because diabetes has come does not mean that any one diet should be avoided. There is nothing wrong with taking a little for desire. However, taking large amounts daily can be dangerous. Let’s see about such foods!

Diabetics should not consume soft drinks or juices. These can cause high blood sugar levels, which can lead to high blood sugar. The answer is to bite the fruit.

Avoid peeled rice, maida, bakery foods etc. Peeled white rice is low in fiber. Increases sugar levels immediately after eating. The answer is fiber-rich brown and red rice.

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Do not take carbohydrate rich foods such as french fries.

White sugar should be avoided. Sweets, foods and drinks made with white sugar should also be avoided.

Dried fruits are also something to avoid. Fruits are good for diabetics. In addition, the nutrients in the fruit, including vitamin C, are beneficial. However, when the fruit is dried, the concentration of sugar in it increases. Therefore, do not pick dried fruits.

It is better to avoid fruits that have a lot of sweet taste like mango, sapodilla, jackfruit. These can increase blood sugar levels.

Saturated fat is not suitable for diabetics. It may even hunt for the little insulin available. Therefore, do not take whole fat milk. You can drink skim milk.

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Consumption of whole grains, vegetables and fruits rich in fiber instead will help control the increase in blood sugar levels.


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