How to have ‘safe’ sex during the corona period?


As the corona spread has been under control for the past few months, we have been pushed back to the old status quo with an increase in control areas and night curfew. Lifestyle has changed after the corona infection crisis such as working from home, wearing a mask and following personal intervals. This also applies to sex.The public must learn to regulate our sex life to protect ourselves during the corona period.

You must first obtain the permission of your spouse. Approval is very important even if you are interested in holding hands or tying them up. There should be more focus on this than on pre-infection. There will be fear when no one touches or approaches us. So, what’s on your mind? It is a good idea to discuss and make sure your spouse agrees to it.

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Get tested immediately if you have low levels of corona symptoms. Let your partner know honestly if you probably have corona symptoms. If you are in close physical contact with someone, you are more likely to spread the virus. After the corona test you can engage in signals including sex and kissing. It does not mean that you should not have sex during the corona period. But it is better that you do not have sex with outsiders. It is also a good idea to isolate yourself or your partner if they have symptoms of a corona infection.

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No problem if you and your spouse are at home. It is important to follow the mask and social space if you need to get out of it. It is also important to use a condom because sperm can be infected during sexual intercourse. Beyond all this it is said that having sex with your partner through masturbation, sex toys, internet or cell phone is extra safe during corona.

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