How to Protect the Lungs


How to Protect the Lungs

Spiritual way:

Pour the boiled water into the clay pot. First cover the back of the face with a blanket to catch the veda. Cover the face and neck with a heavy blanket. The vapor coming from the scalp should not spread outside and should only fall on the entire face. The pores on the face begin to open faster when the steam is applied to the hot face. But make sure there is no makeup on the face before showing the face to the steam. Otherwise it can cause skin irritation and itching. The face should be cleansed and dried for half an hour before applying the medicine.

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Do you know about the effects of spiritism?

5 to 10 minutes is enough to catch the spirit. For those who have pimples and tumors on the face, they can be more irritating. So that shouldn’t be too much time.

The cheeks on both sides of the face should be well bent and turned back when catching steam. The blackheads page at the tip of the nose should display well. Continuous exposure to steam in one place can cause the area to become red or irritated. So both sides have to show back and forth.

Adding hot water to the air will flush out the germs that may be in our lungs.

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To breathe good hot steam that spirit will go slowly inside through our nostrils and destroy the germs that may be in the lungs.

Put turmeric, pepper, lemon, ginger, basil in water and bring to a boil.

This is because the dirt on the face stays on indefinitely, leaving the face looking aged without being too bright. If the spirit catches on then they will remove that dirt, shine and give a youthful look.

There will be proper blood flow to the face when catching the spirit. Also the pores breathe well without any one disturbance. So the skin will be well-groomed and radiant. So hold the spirit to your face when the time is right and make your tired face look refreshed and beautiful.

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