If all this is done then normal delivery will happen


Childbirth is like rebirth for every woman. Pregnancy is an important period for a woman. Let’s see what the doctors recommend for a safe delivery during this time of increased caesarean section!

A healthy balanced diet is the basis of everything. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal. It has to be under control. Take care not to gain too much weight. Adding ghee to the diet is beneficial. Do not add too much.

Next is exercise. During this period, having one or two children, pregnancy has become a non-working period. Decreased physical activity is detrimental in a variety of ways. During pregnancy, consult a doctor, fitness consultant, yoga expert, etc. Exercise, yoga, etc. should be done.

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Adequate sleep is very important. The first four months can be spent in bed rest. After that it is better to unite the left side. Get eight hours of sleep a night and one hour during the day. The baby’s blood flow is normal during the day during sleep.

Depression can occur during pregnancy. You can read books to avoid this. It helps in the development of the baby’s brain. Avoid stress by developing good habits such as listening to good melodies, reading a book, and playing chess.

A doctor should be consulted before conceiving. Throughout pregnancy, it is best to see the same doctor until delivery. This allows the doctor to know the full health of the pregnant woman. It will assist him to try for normal delivery.

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Do not do heavy work such as lifting heavy weights, running, or carrying loads on the hips. The feet should rest on the floor when sitting in a chair. Do not sit with legs crossed. Women who use Western toilets suffer from not being able to bend their legs for a comfortable delivery. Therefore, it is better to use Indian toilet during pregnancy.


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