If men don’t eat this, Daddy can do it next year.



Close-ups cool the body and act as an excellent mascara,. Thistle has the property of removing stone formation, water retention, water irritation, water cravings, white disease, heat illness, drip water etc. Also infertility, white, waterlogged, sperm multiplication. Will give these. . Many of the natural masculinity enhancers among us are not yet used properly.

If you are infertile, you can increase your manhood by distilling thistle leaf with goat’s milk and drinking it with honey for sweetness. Will be strengthened. Take equal amount of coriander seeds with thistle and drink it twice a day to get rid of prostate inflammation.

Soak the neem leaves in water for a while and the water density will be very thick and viscous like oil. This can be eaten as a teaspoon. It acts as a comrade. Studies have shown that it promotes sperm production in men to promote fertility.

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You can uproot the thistle plant and put it in a pot with a handful of adjoining grass and leave it in a liter of water and use it as a half liter of distilled water. Healed.


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