If you control this, you can control sugar- Super tips for sugar.



It is not enough for diabetics to take the pill alone, they need to know the level of sugar and follow the diet accordingly. Also know how to control the emotions.

Diabetes, Dates

Usually people with diabetes are scared and it is better not to do so. Focus on diet and exercise daily.

People with diabetes are always thinking about it, it is wrong .You should be happy without worrying about this disease.

Usually diabetics have anger, anxiety, and grief past the level. They need to have the mindset to control it.

It is a mistake for diabetics to always follow the same diet. As the amount of sugar in the body increases and decreases, you need to change your eating habits accordingly.

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Some people worry about what others think of us.

They become more anxious when there is no support from those around them.

They also have a fear that the amount of sugar in the body will decrease.

Some people have negative thoughts. It is enough for them to think about their health without thinking about negative things like this. And stay away from those who speak negatively.

When you are sad or anxious, do not hesitate to ask others for help, talk well with friends, and cultivate friendly circles.


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