If you do not get Rotula at home, you can escape without getting infected with the virus


Experts say that wearing a mask is important not only outside, but also indoors.


“It’s time for people to start wearing masks in their homes,” said Dr. V.K. Paul said. He opposes outsiders entering homes at this time. The second wave has created panic and in view of the increasing number of infections, he warns of a lack of medical oxygen and beds.

He adds, “Remember, the virus is hidden in many places. Wear a mask when someone who does not live with you enters your home. You can politely ask those who come home to wear the mask as an extra precaution.

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Wearing a mask is great protection when with family members and friends.

Infections are spread by mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals. When you are in your home, if a relative comes to visit, you all greet him

Do not hesitate to tell them to wear the mask. Even if it’s a plumber, tell the driver, a neighbor, a friend, everyone you wear the mask.

And if family members do not meet anyone from the outside, or do not receive any items from the outside, the virus infection (COVID-19) is unlikely to creep into the home. But even if one person in the family catches a cold, the mask will protect the other members of the family from infection. Is it a cold? Or is it the corona virus? It is better to be safe because you do not know that, ”says the doctor.


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