If you do not stop eating while standing, the disease will chase you.


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The main reason why the people of our country live healthy was not only the nutritious foods we ate, but also the way we ate the food was responsible for our health. Until the last generation we used to eat sandalwood on the floor but now they have all changed. In this emergency world we are eating while standing.
Let’s see what are the disadvantages of standing still and eating.

Digestive disorders
According to doctors, standing up and eating increases the speed at which food enters the digestive tract. Thus preventing them from breaking into multiple particles. This puts too much pressure on the intestines and causes problems with digestion.

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The urge to overeat
Not only that but when standing and eating the food goes down fast so you don’t know if you have eaten enough. As a result you will have to eat more. That is why it is said that it is always healthy to sit down and relax. It gives a feeling of satiety and burns calories easily.

The easiest way to find out if you are hungry or not is to find out how much food is in your stomach. Eating while standing medically increases digestion by 30 percent. This will make you feel hungry again within a few hours of eating.

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Rapid digestion is dangerous. This is because the food is digested before it is fully absorbed from the food, leaving the remaining nutrients in the body as gas. It can cause intestinal inflammation. Doctors say it can cause inflammation, especially when carbohydrates are not fully digested.


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