If you quit this habit, diabetes will run away from your lineage


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Foods that diabetics should avoid in their diet

All types of tubers (potato, sorghum, sweet potato, beetroot, banana)

All sweets (sugar, jaggery, caramel, honey, glucose)

Cake, chocolate, ice cream, jam, jelly, sweet biscuits, bulgogi

Energy drinks like Horlicks, Bornvita, Boost

Soft drinks like Limca, Fonda, Coca-Cola, Fruit Juice

Fruit juices sold in tin bottles like Rex Rasna and Trinca.

Butter, ghee, dalta, coconut oil, palm oil

Pickles high in oil

Foods fried or fried in oil and ghee

Beef, liver, brain, heart

Such as cashews, almonds, pistachios

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Mangoes, jackfruits, sapodillas, pears, dried fruits, grapes

Types of wine

Avoid porridge, rice, wheat

Apart from these, smoking and tobacco use should also be avoided.

Buffalo milk, milk magazine

Maitha flour, Jawaharlal Nehru root flour.

Dietary patterns


Tea or coffee with milk without sugar (without the magazine)

8.00 AM

Idli or Dosa or Chapati or Salt

Pongal Chutney with Sambar (without Coconut)

Vegetables (without tubers)

11.00 AM

Buttermilk, Mary Biscuit, Vegetable Soup Fruit

100 ml 2/100 ml 100 g 75 g

100 ml 3/150 ml 100 g 75 g


Rice and spinach




5.00 PM

Tea (a) Coffee Marie Biscuit with milk without sugar (without the magazine)

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Rice, Chapati (without oil) Idli, Dosai vegetables



10.00PM at night

Milk (without sugar)

The amount of cooking oil throughout the day is 2-3 tbsp

(Sanolo, Safola, Refined Vegetable Oil)

Thus people with diabetes can live a healthy life by following a diet.


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