Is Hiccups Properly Treating Trauma?


Sudden hiccups occur when the baked Italian is eaten and the throat becomes stuffy when trying something spicy. I do not know when or how I will come, but the fact that I will arrive in Correcta at the right time also applies to hiccups.

When the diaphragm, a thin membrane that separates the thoracic region and the digestive tract from our thoracic cavity, closes, it closes the vocal cords and makes a hiccup sound.

What causes hiccups?

Most of the time there are no obvious reasons. Eating too fast. Swallowing air while eating. Eating a high-fat, spicy diet. Cold drinks, including alcohol, can irritate the diaphragm and cause hiccups.

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Hiccups can also be caused by being overly sensitive, inhaling too much air, or chewing gum.

If the occasional hiccup comes and disappears in a few seconds then no problem. It can also be a sign of damage to the body if it comes often and bothers you for hours. Hiccups can be caused by damage to the liver, kidneys, gastric ulcer, or pancreatitis. If hiccups occur frequently, it is best to consult a physician immediately.

90% of hiccups are due to intestinal problems and 10% of hiccups are due to nerve problems.

Normal hiccups while eating can be cured by drinking water.

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Breathe well and count the numbers from 10 to 20 in your mind. After that the breath should be released. Doing this 4-5 times will stop the hiccups.

Drinking a tumbler of water will stop the hiccups. Putting a little sugar in your mouth and tasting it can stop hiccups.

There is also hiccup stopping when frightening. The nervous system is traumatized for a few seconds due to the sudden shock and all the breathing and lung function stops for a few seconds due to the shock. Thus correcting the hiccups. This is not the right algorithm.


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