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We have a habit of biting our nails from an unknown age. Growing up we were biting our nails thinking of something. We would have heard our parents or adults say that it is not good for the body not to bite the nail.

But they are not clear on what is going to happen. 30% of people worldwide have a habit of biting their nails. Let’s see the consequences of nail biting

1.Skin defeat

Nail bites can cause problems, including inflammation of the gums, when the bacteria in them enter the mouth. Sometimes pus can cause unbearable pain. So stop the habit of biting your nails to avoid these

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2. Inability to walk

Bacteria such as barbiturates can damage your feet as they enter your body. If it is severe you may not even be able to walk.

3. Is nail biting a problem?

So far we have seen nail biting as harmful to our body. But the study says that biting the nail can cause problems for the nail itself. This means that if you keep biting your nails, at some point you may not even be able to bite without growing nails. It is impossible to fix this.

4. Disadvantage to teeth

The base pitch for nail biting is the teeth. Biting the nail can weaken the teeth. This can cause the teeth to break or weaken. Whereas if this habit is present from an early age the teeth may bend and give an uncomfortable appearance.

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5. Digestive disorder

Bacteria that get into the mouth when they bite the nail also get into the stomach. Doing so can cause digestive disorders, including abdominal pain and diarrhea. So before biting your nails, think about all these and decide whether to bite or not.


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