Is pink salt called hinduism very good?


Today, many people are turning to pink salt, also known as Hindu, Himalayan salt, claiming that sea salt is harmful. It is highly nutritious and everything that is good for the body is advertised on social media. Let’s see if it’s really good and can be taken in large quantities.

Himalayan Salt is a type of salt extracted from the Himalayas in India and Pakistan. Usually salt is made up of sodium chloride. Cooking salt is 98 percent sodium chloride. Hinduism also has high levels of sodium chloride. However, salt, which has been preserved naturally for millions of years, also contains some nutrients in addition. There are 84 types of mineral salts in Hinduism.

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100 g of ordinary salt contains 0.4 mg of calcium and Hindu g contains 1.6 g of calcium. Sodium is 381 mg in normal salt and 368 mg in Hindu. Indus contains more calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron than normal salt. However, these are very rare.

Therefore, Hinduism can be used liberally in cooking.

Many mineral salts are nutritious so do not overuse it. Excessive use can be detrimental to one’s health.

Indus is very good for digestion. It regulates digestion by stimulating various secretions, from saliva to the secretion of vital enzymes needed for digestion.

Hindustani supplements are known to control blood sugar levels and stimulate hormone secretion. Don’t add too much to it for that.

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Hindu acts as an antioxidant to stave off diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic colds and cancer. Indus can be used for bathing. Bathing in water improves skin health.

Hindi is also available in purple, yellow, orange, red and pink. These color variations are due to the contaminants and mineral salts in it. It is better to use white and pink indigo than purple and yellow.

Salt is bad for the body. So, it is better to cut down on any salt!


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