Is there so much oxygen in this clove? Find out how much it contains.


There is a calculation called ORAC-Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity to measure oxygen level. Various food items were tested using this method. Adding these foods to the diet from time to time can help control respiratory problems to some extent.

Do foods high in oxygen expel corona?

100 grams of eggplant contains 14,582 ORAC. An apple has 5,900 ORAC, while a pomegranate has 2,860 ORAC.

In almost all vegetables, their ORAC value can be reduced by up to 90% when cooked to normal boiling point. But if the vegetables are cooked in steam, it will retain more of this value.

100 grams of cramp contains 314446 ORAC. The bar has 267537 ORAC in 50 grams. 100 grams of turmeric contains 102700 ORAC. 100 grams of cumin contains 76800 ORA. If a cup of basil contains 67553 ORAC, then 100 grams of ginger contains approximately 28811 ORAC.

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The pH level of wedges is also 8.5. These contain a large number of enzymes required by the endocrine system. . It has the power to increase the level of oxygen in our body.

Seafood, Meat

Non-vegetarian foods are high in protein, B vitamins and iron. Sea oysters, beef, pork and liver are high in iron. Seafood also plays an important role in increasing the body’s oxygen levels.


Cereals contain protein, various B vitamins, and nutrients that improve the level of oxygen in the blood, such as iron.


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