Lok, Lokunnu iruminale, dik dikkunnu irukka? Rough remedies to get rid of this


Easy way to get rid of cough!

Many people are afraid of having a normal cough when they have a normal cough at this time. So this dry cough will drive away the nightmare messenger. Let’s see how to use it.


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add pepper, shallots and garlic and wash well.

The messenger is rich in calcium which strengthens the bones and teeth. So cook the spinach with lentils and add ghee and eat for 48 days.

If you dry and powder the messenger in the shade and mix it with honey both in the morning and in the evening and eat a zone from the passage, the cough will be relieved and the body will be strengthened. Giving the body immunity. Stimulates digestive power.

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If you grind the messenger well and eat it like a dough, the mucus in the head will decrease. Spinach is an excellent remedy for ear infections, coughs, itchy stomach aches and so on.

Spinach is an excellent remedy for runny nose, excessive water secretion in the mouth, dehydration of the gums, oily water, etc. If a zone is cooked or pickled, or if there is a zone of bile, the increase in bile in the eye, the eye disease will disappear.

If you dry the powder in the shade of the angel flower and mix it with powdered milk and drink it, it will give strength to the body. If you dry the apricot fruit in the sun and mix it with powdered honey and eat it, you will get rid of bronchitis and cough. Breaking the venom of the snake.


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