Nelly underneath to protect us from the diseases and beat us like Gilly


The leaves of Kizhanelli contain an ingredient called ‘Pilandin’ which is rich in bitterness. Gooseberry is one of the most potassium rich plants. It is called ‘Keezhanelli’ because of the small shape of the gooseberry beneath the leaves.

Medicinal properties of Kizhanelli:


1. Corrects jaundice. Kizhanelli is the best medicine for jaundice.

2. It has the power to increase urination.

3. Protects us from eye related diseases.

4. Lower Nellie has the power to cure chronic headaches.

5. It also corrects liver related diseases.

6. Rheumatism, scabies, etc. will go away

7. Infertility will go away.

8. Kizhanelli has the power to cure kidney related diseases.

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9. Controlling diabetes.

10. Relieves us from hair related problems.

How to take Kizhanelli:


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Finely grind the clean leaf. Jaundice can be cured by mixing it with lemon juice and juice. It also protects us from liver damage caused by hepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’.


Diabetes can be controlled by taking dried groundnut powder three times a day before meals. Prevent kidney and liver damage and protect us from dialysis.

Fever and infections

Finely grind the root of the gooseberry and mix it with cow’s milk and drink it three times a day to cool the body. Infectious diseases do not come close.

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