People with this type of blood are much less likely to get corona!


One study found that smokers and people with type O blood were less likely to develop coronary heart disease.

Blood group O less likely to contract coronavirus infection than any other blood type |  Study ||  People of type O blood are more likely to be infected with the corona virus ...

The Pan-India serosurvey, a scientific and industrial research council, conducted a study to find answers to a number of questions, including what are the causes of the spread of the corona virus and how antibodies work against the corona. A team of 140 scientists and medical experts surveyed 10,427 people.

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This study found that smokers have a lower risk of developing corona infections. Smoking, which plays an important role in increasing mucus, has also been shown to protect against corona. Beyond this we have been told that if we are affected by corona infection then we need to study the extent to which it is affected by smoking and nicotine.

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Smoking probably puts you at greater risk of coronavirus, not less | New  Scientist

Earlier, the Centers for Disease Control in the United States surveyed 7,000 people infected with corona. Surprisingly, only 1.3 percent of them were smokers. Most of the infected are non-smokers. Similarly, studies in France and the United Kingdom have shown that smokers are less likely to be affected by corona.

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The Council also advised that smoking should not be misunderstood and should not be continued or started anew as the harmful effects of smoking are associated with a number of diseases.

High-Fiber Foods -

Similarly, eating a high-fiber vegetarian diet boosts the immune system against corona. Therefore, the study indicates that people who eat high-fiber vegetarian diets are less likely to develop coronary heart disease. Another result is thus revealed. It has also been found that people with type O blood are much less likely to become infected.

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However, people with blood type B and AB are also more likely to be affected by corona. People with this type of blood are advised to be very careful. An earlier study by the US-based Institute of Biotechnology last year found that people with type O blood had a lower risk of contracting the disease.


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