Plank exercise to dissolve belly fast!


Plamk is a very simple exercise that can be done at home without any tools. No material is required to do this exercise. What makes it special is that you can do this exercise anywhere. This gives the body strength and flexibility.

First lay the trash on the floor. Stomach forehead Everything should lie flat on the floor. Fold the arms and place them in front. The toes should be flat on the floor. Now lift the body upwards with the hand resting on the floor. The whole body should rest on the palms and toes. This is simple plank. The body should be in a straight line while holding the body in the toes and hands. Do not lower the waist. Leave it for a few minutes and then return to the old position. This exercise can be done 10 times in the beginning. Let’s increase the number to go.

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After preparing the body by practicing this simple plank you can do a hard plank that will support the body on the elbows.

First of all, the abdomen should lie flat on the floor. The toes should rest on the floor. Previously we practiced with the palm resting on the floor. In response, the entire forearm should be grounded. Now raise the body above the floor. Now the whole body should be bent at the toes and forearms.

The posture of the body will be correct if this exercise is done daily. The back, shoulders, chest, arms and neck are all in the same straight line.

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Increases the flexibility of the body. Especially the shoulder and core muscles are firm and flexible according to the movement of the body.

Dissolving the belly can be a difficult exercise for many. Doing this exercise will help you lose belly fat faster. It also speeds up the body’s metabolism. The longer we stay in the plank position, the stronger our body and stomach will be.

This reduces the chance of developing joint and back pain. The pressure of the abdominal muscles on the back will decrease when exercising regularly. This reduces the chance of back and joint pain.


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