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If there is one disease that is becoming more and more common today, it is kidney stone. Kidney stone, also known as kidney stone, is caused entirely by our dietary indifference.

A person should consume 3 to 3.5 liters of water daily. About 85% of our body’s water is metabolized. Even though we do not consume much water in the rainy and cold seasons, dehydration in our body through sweating in summer happens without us knowing. It is very good for our health that we consume more water during periods like this. A lot of people do not take more than two liters of water. Some people drink water only after eating. Other than that, some people have no habit of drinking water. Kidney stones first occur in people who do not take water properly.

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Similarly, doctors say that kidney stones form when the foods we eat are high in calcium. Kidney stones are formed from the seeds of tomatoes. So they will say I do not take tomatoes. But kidney stones do not form from tomato seeds. Its acidity along with calcium converts it into calcium oxalate stone which forms stones. So it is better to avoid tomato fruit.

In addition, people with kidney stones should not take products such as cabbage and cauliflower. Bananas have the ability to break down and excrete kidney stones. It also has the power to increase urination. Thus, taking banana stalk is the best medicine.

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Similarly, you can avoid kidney stones by consuming foods rich in Vitamin A. You can get rid of kidney stones by consuming foods like papaya and drumsticks on a daily basis. Similarly, when taking bananas, radishes, barley, zucchini, etc., the stones will not come back again and again.


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