Should diseases not strike this summer? Read this


The sun that comes in every summer is something that is inevitable. But, we can avoid the summer heat. When summer comes, it is natural for the body to feel irritated, tired and even thirsty for water. At such times it is very good to drink fresh water, buttermilk, lemon juice, watermelon juice etc.

People with diabetes can consume unleavened ragi, rye and porridge. It is healthy to take rye, corn, ragi porridge or wheat and barley porridge in the morning.
Some people get colds if they eat young water and buttermilk. For those who do, just add a little pepper powder to them. Lemon juice can be replaced with honey instead of sugar.
Drink plenty of water in summer. Thirst can be caused by mixing lemon juice with honey or sugar and salt. You can eat. Add salt to clean whey and drink plenty of it. Jaundice is more likely to occur in summer. Therefore, it is very good to grind and mix groundnuts with juice and eat it in the morning, on an empty stomach.
People with high blood pressure have more problems than usual during the summer. They can be boiled in water with a little bit of both cumin and coriander and drunk after cooling.

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In summer, skin diseases, itching, itching, eczema, rash and scabies are more common. At that time, while bathing, mix peanut flour, fear flour, sandalwood and vettivar if possible and rub it all over the body. Do not wear wet clothes. Do not wear clothes with body moisture. Cotton clothes are the best in summer.

Bathe in cold water both in the morning and in the evening. Rub the oil on the scalp twice a week and leave it for a day. Soak the dill in whey for one day and then grind it and apply it on the scalp the next morning to keep it cool.

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