Six foods that should never be eaten on an empty stomach


Our desire is to eat the right food that is right for our body. The food we eat in the morning forms the basis of the whole day. We go to bed after dinner and the stomach is empty for 10, 12 hours without eating anything. There are a number of foods that should not be taken on an empty stomach in this condition. Let’s look at just six of them!

For many people waking up this morning should have coffee ready before brushing. Nutritionists say that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not good.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to an increase in stomach acidity. Concentrated hydrochloric acid begins to be secreted to digest food. Therefore, doctors recommend drinking hot water and drinking coffee.

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Do not take citrus acidic fruits like lemon and orange on an empty stomach. These also increase the acid secretion in the stomach. Foods high in fiber and fructose can reduce the effectiveness of digestion. Therefore, do not take citrus fruits and fibrous fruits like guava on an empty stomach.

Do not eat bananas on an empty stomach. Bananas are high in magnesium. It can affect the balance of magnesium and calcium in the body. And it can have a huge impact on the functioning of the heart.

Do not eat spicy foods on an empty stomach. Excessive causation can lead to problems such as constipation when combined with acid. This can cause stomach discomfort and irritation.

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Do not drink carbonated drinks on an empty stomach. When carbonated acid combines with the acid secreted in the stomach it can cause problems like nausea and flatulence. Also do not take cold juice or milkshake on an empty stomach. It affects the metabolic rate of the body.


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