Snoring can not be repelled – but snoring can be repelled in this way


We have given you a few simple ways to stop snoring. Read it and follow them to avoid snoring.


1. Pillow

Snoring can be avoided by sleeping on a slightly larger pillow instead of lying down normally without using a pillow.

2. Sleep on the side

It’s not possible to sleep like this all night. However lying on the side like this, it will prevent snoring.

3. Vapor trapping

Even snoring can prevent snoring. This is because it removes blockages in the nose and allows air to pass easily.

4. Avoid smoking

Snoring is one of the various health problems caused by smoking. Because when smoked, it can cause sore throat and swelling, making it difficult to breathe.

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5. Stop drinking alcohol

If you stop drinking alcohol and taking sleeping pills, it will relax the muscles and help the air to move easily.

6. Relieve colds

If you catch a cold or flu, you can avoid snoring if you treat it right away.

7. Do not snack at bedtime

If you eat high fat foods like pizza, burger, cheese popcorn while sleeping at night, it will increase the production of mucus and lead to snoring. So it is better to avoid fatty foods at night.


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