Spinach to ward off scorching sun problems

In general, greens are very good for health. In addition, spinach contains essential nutrients for our body. And it has the power to fix many personal problems.

If you want to fix the problem of whitening in women, you can add spinach from time to time. It can also eliminate diarrhea. Usually greens are able to expel wastes that have reached the intestines. Spinach also flushes out body waste and cools the stomach. It also helps to heal stomach ulcers.

Urinary incontinence and urinary incontinence in summer. Spinach can be eaten with lentils to cure body heat, hydrocephalus, hydrocephalus, etc. This spinach is used to cure sores and irritations in the anus and mouth area.

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Body temperature is high in summers. This spinach helps in relieving body heat and avoiding body ailments. Spinach has the ability to quench thirst. Spinach is a good remedy for summer hot flashes and sweat problems.

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Pregnant women are advised to take greens regularly to get the nutrients they need during pregnancy. Spinach helps to get rich in this folic acid

Spinach-rich calcium strengthens bones and teeth. Vitamin K strengthens bones. So if you give this spinach to the growing children as a broth, or soup, or a zucchini, they will get strong bones and teeth. People with joint pain and swelling may need to add more spinach to correct this.

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