Sudden cardiac arrest in a few seconds … Is there a way to prevent it?


We have seen many videos of people talking and playing well on social media and suddenly fainting and falling to their deaths. Those scenes where human life breaks up in a few seconds can be shocking. Many people do not understand why this happens. Some people misunderstand this as a heart attack. It is a life-threatening condition caused by a sudden cardiac arrest.

Our heart needs electrical energy to beat. Only when the heart beats can blood be carried throughout the body. Electricity is generated at the sinus node in the heart and flows throughout the heart. This is why the heart beats. When this power generation suddenly stops, the heart stops beating.

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Deaths are inevitable if those who fall like this are not treated immediately. In many films, if you have a heart problem, you will see two people like an iron box in your chest. This will artificially induce the sinus node. If the sinus node cooperates, the heart will start beating again. However, not all people who faint due to heart failure have a defibrillator nearby. Thus the life separates in a few minutes.

Sudden cardiac arrest, also known as sudden cardiac arrest, can occur if there is a sudden fainting spell, loss of pulse, shortness of breath, or loss of self-remembering.

If you have chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, or increased heart rate before a sudden cardiac arrest, it is a good idea to get tested immediately at a cardiology hospital. Since the hospital will have a defibrillator, the chance of saving lives in the event of a sudden freeze will increase.

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In the absence of a defibrillator they may be given first aid called CPR. The first responder should be aware of CPR and other first aid. Overseas schools teach how to do first aid. Doctors say that mistakes made by others who think they can help because they do not know how to do first aid in our town can lead to the death of the victim.

Doctors say it is important for everyone to learn CPR first aid to avoid sudden cardiac arrest deaths!


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