Sudden Remedies for Sudden Headache.


They say they know when they have a headache or stomach ache.

For most people, headaches are often caused by excessive stress.

For others, low blood sugar, allergies, overdose, malnutrition, overwork, lack of sleep and rest, excessive drinking and smoking can also cause headaches.

We have mentioned the best head treatment methods to help with this headache

1. Put coffee bean powder in boiling water to catch the breath and reduce headaches.

2. Take betel juice and put camphor in it and mix it well to get rid of headaches.

3. Boil cloves and cumin in water and eat it to reduce the headache caused by heat.

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4. Take the clove, grind it well with a little water and apply it on the forehead to reduce the headache.

5. Take 2 peppercorns and grind it well with a little coconut oil and apply it on the forehead to reduce the headache.

6. Take mustard and rice flour evenly, mix it with hot water, stir it like a paste and apply it on the forehead to reduce headaches.

7. If you take radish juice and drink it, the headache will decrease.

8. If you take the juice of mint leaves and apply it on the forehead, the headache will decrease.

9. Drink a little lemon juice mixed with tea or coffee to reduce headaches.

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The above mentioned treatment methods are applicable only for sudden onset headaches. For some chronic headaches, consult a doctor.


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