Sugar that blunts children’s memory!


Raising a child is the biggest challenge for every parent in an environment where the joint family has disappeared and the individual has come to a culture of drunkenness. When there is a joint family, everyone in the house, young and old, will take care of the child. The child who grows up watching everyone starts to learn everything very easily. In a single family, there is a growing environment where only the mother and father face to face. After that, children grow up watching cartoons and rhymes on TV.

We buy a lot of chocolates and cakes for the baby to show that we love him so much. Studies show that high sugar diets impair children’s memory performance. They warn that this affects the learning ability of children.

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An article in the medical journal Translational Psychiatry states that excessive sugary drinks and foods affect children’s memory. Children are given too many sweets thinking that nothing will happen. It has been reported that this can lead to obesity, heart disease and memory loss in children.

A study by the University of Georgia and the University of Southern California found that children and adolescents who ate too much sugar had learning and memory impairments. Consumption of sweets like this affects the bacterial footprint that lives in the small intestine. It causes a variety of disorders, including malnutrition, and is said to be caused by malnutrition, including memory impairment.

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Feeding children sugar can cause their blood sugar to suddenly rise. This causes insulin resistance and increases the chance of getting type 2 sugar. And it causes changes in their mood. Makes them act hyperactive.

Children should be accustomed to eating vegetables and fruits instead of sugary foods. Analysts say it will improve their growth.


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