Sukku Sukku Sukku hundred diseases that come to us.


Sukku not only cures diseases in our body, but also has the power to prevent new diseases. We have listed which diseases are cured by Sukku.

1. The headache will go away if the strain is applied.

2. Sukku put a small piece in the mouth and chew to suppress the toothache.

3. Crush the chukka and wrap a small bundle in a cloth to keep it in the ear.

4. Mix cumin powder with hot water and drink it to remove indigestion. Controlling fever, diarrhea, vomiting.

5. Chest irritation, abdominal pain, chest pain, tingling will go away.

6. Cures stomach upset, diarrhea, gastroenteritis.

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7. Relieves colds and coughs.

8. Controlling rheumatic diseases.

9. Irritation of the anus, anus, constipation, etc. will go.

10. Controls asthma and sinus diseases called tuberculosis.

11.Controlling heart disease and fever.

12. Inflammation in the body, the tumor will cure these.

13. It is the best medicine for diseases related to nerves.

14. Rubbing eucalyptus on the head and bathing will cure migraine, headache, sinus and ear pain.
That is why the disease that gives so many benefits every day in some way we do not come to the diseases, and the diseases that come will be of great help to you.

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