Summerla is a sapodilla fruit that is supportive to our skin


In general, eating more fruits in summer is very beneficial. And the fruits protect against many diseases caused by heat due to the sun.


The anti-oxidant in sapodilla fruit prevents skin wrinkles. By eating sapodilla regularly we can get a youthful look for long days. To get rid of dandruff, grind sapodilla seeds into a paste, add oleoresin and rub it on the scalp at night and then take a bath the next morning. It softens the hair and removes dandruff.

Good eyesight can also be achieved in adulthood by regularly consuming sapodilla for sharp eyesight. Vitamin A in it keeps our eyes healthy and keeps our eyesight intact. This sapodilla is high in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and iron to get healthy bones. Our bones lose energy due to lack of nutrients. Regular consumption of sapodilla increases energy and strengthens bones. Sabota is high in fiber for constipation. It enhances the intestinal health of the body and protects the body from infection.

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Constipation is less likely to occur when our gut is functioning healthily. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can continue to eat sapodilla as it is high in carbohydrates and other nutrients. Regular consumption of this sapodilla can also help prevent problems such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Thus if we consume more of this sapodilla fruit which is a gift to us this summer it will be sapodilla for our body.


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