Summerla Kidney to function better, drink this liter account!



The most important part of our body after the heart is the kidneys. It needs to drink plenty of water during this summer to function well.

Our body is 70 percent water. Dehydration can cause dizziness and palpitations. If the body is hydrated properly, blood flow will be normal. If the blood flow is correct, the function of the kidneys will be smooth. People who drink less water are more likely to have stones in the urinary tract.

Even if stones form in the kidney and are surgically removed, 2 to 3 liters of urine should be excreted daily to prevent recurrence of kidney stones. If so, they should drink two parts water. If you do not drink much water, you will get thick urine due to the density of the ingredients.

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It can affect health. People with foot swelling, heart disease, kidney failure and diabetes should not drink too much water. Excess water in the body of such people can be dangerous. The human brain has a center for triggering the feeling of thirst.

It is because of this stimulus that we feel the need to drink water. Children under 3 years of age and the elderly over 70 years of age do not have the induction of a brain tumor center. So people at this age do not seem to feel thirsty. It is necessary to know their thirst and give them water. Otherwise they will be dehydrated. Lowers blood pressure.

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So drink water when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry and live a healthy life.


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