The Corona-Study concludes that fears can only be overcome


Even healthy people in their forties are now seeing doctors with a band-aid on hand. They fearfully ask doctors for advice, claiming that they have symptoms of certain diseases and that when they do a Google search on Google, they find out what the disease is. Not only that, they also go to the laboratories themselves and perform tests for various diseases that they do not need on their own. The basic reason for their behavior is the fear that ‘the corona will easily infect them if they have other diseases’. This kind of fear now surrounds many. That fear makes them sick.

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For example, most people have a fear that asthma is a blockage of the airways. But shortness of breath can be caused by various diseases that affect the heart and respiratory structures. Anemia, which is caused by a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood, is the main cause of respiratory obstruction. When the energy that ‘pumps’ the blood decreases to the heart, heart failure occurs followed by shortness of breath. Tremors and shortness of breath may occur when walking or climbing stairs. Asthma causes shortness of breath and persistent coughing and sneezing.

Things to watch out for: Notice if there is chest pain and shortness of breath with obstruction. Symptoms of asthma include swelling of the arms and legs, decreased urine output, and bleeding when spitting.

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Dizziness should not be taken as a sign of danger. There can be various reasons for dizziness. At the same time it can be taken as a sign of high blood pressure. Some people feel dizzy when they suddenly turn their head.

Things to look out for: Dizziness, tongue twitching when speaking, double display of each object, and blurring of balance while walking may be signs of a stroke. If there is a headache with dizziness it may be a migraine effect.


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