There is so much benefit in going for a walk


The simplest way we can do to improve the overall health of the body is to take a 30 minute walk every day. It stabilizes the function of our heart and respiratory system, the bones. Helps to dissolve excess fat. Prevents biological diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Let’s learn about the five benefits of walking!

1) Calories are burned

Excess calories in our body are burned when we walk. It is helpful to maintain body weight and lose weight. How many calories are burned will vary depending on how fast we walk, how far we walk, what kind of place (mountain, slope, bump) we walk on, and our body weight.

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2) Stabilizes the heart

Studies show that walking 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 19 percent. That is, it increases the number of days we live.

3) Lowers blood sugar levels

Calories are burned during movement in our body. Thus they attract sugar from the blood as the muscles need food. One group was surveyed daily for 15 minutes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In total they walked 45 minutes a day. Researchers have found that their blood sugar levels are under control. Therefore, a brisk walk around the house or office after eating will not increase blood sugar levels.

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4) Reduces the chance of joint pain

When the joints of the body are constantly activated, the fluid required for the movement of the joints is secreted. Joint cartilage strengthens bones, muscles, and membranes. This reduces the chance of getting joint pain.

5) Increases immunity

People who walk regularly are less likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. Increased immunity also reduces the risk of contracting the common cold and flu. The respiratory system is rejuvenated by walking well. This makes it impossible to do anything even with an infection in the respiratory tract. Studies show that the respiratory tract is 43 percent healthier for walkers than for non-walkers.

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So, if you have a treadmill at home, if you do not have one, take a walk on the terrace, on the streets around the house, wherever possible!


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