This fruit helps to run away to the withered ones who can not be “Daddy”


Nowadays, due to poor diet and lifestyle, many men reduce their sperm count and become more prone to infertility. Papaya fruit has the ability to multiply cells in the male body. Men who eat this will have increased sperm count and infertility.


Many diseases can be prevented only if a person’s stomach is healthy. People who eat a small piece of papaya every morning do not suffer from indigestion. People with constipation and people with hemorrhoids can get rid of those disorders if they eat a papaya fruit daily.

It also increases breast milk secretion and stimulates menstruation; Causing appetite. Also papaya fruit, can cause diarrhea; சிறுநீரைப் பெருக்கும்; Strengthens the body

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Papaya fruit is high in potassium. This potassium prevents tightness in the nerves in the body. Potassium is essential for heart health. The high potassium content of papaya helps in keeping the blood pressure in balance and getting the right amount of blood to the heart.

Papaya leaves, milk, berries and fruits are medically useful.

Papaya contains protein. Meat cooks mix the papaya with a little bit of meat and cook the curry immediately to keep it boiling.


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