This leaf grows curly at the spot and makes it call a curl


Vilva leaf has many healing properties for the body. It is worshiped by Lord Shiva as it has the power to prevent everything from diabetes to cancer.


Hair loss:

Hair loss is a problem that is affecting more and more people today. Hair loss at an early age can cause us stress and aging. This willow leaf is the best medicine to get rid of it. For this we need to take a bow and grind it and mix it with milk and rub it on our head. Take a shower after a while. Doing so irritates our eyes. And

Eliminates hair loss.

Blackhead removal:

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We will follow the steps to remove blackheads on our face. It is an excellent remedy for this. For this you need to take the arch and take only the flesh part of it. Mix milk with it and apply the mixture on the face to remove dark spots on our face

Our ancestors used it more externally than taking medicine for headaches. Although we have seen about this remedy which can be called headache debit, willow leaf also helps with debit.

Headaches, sinuses, and watery eyes are more likely to be accompanied by headaches. Then if the arch leaf is nearby you can greatly reduce your discomfort with it. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

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When you have a headache, apply the lotion and then wipe the juice completely on the forehead to reduce the headache.


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