This seed is enough to keep your body lean.


We all want to lose weight. People who are overweight will follow many steps to lose weight. Zia seed is a good remedy for them. Zia seed has the power to reduce fat. Thus controlling obesity and helping to keep us healthy.

chia seeds in tamil


Omega-3 is very important for our body. We would think that salmon would be high in such omega-3s. But chia seeds contain 8 times more omega-3 nutrients than the omega-3 content of this salmon. So you need to get energy by adding this seed to your diet.


Calcium deficiency is one of the major causes of arthritis and iron deficiency in our body. The amount of such calcium is high in milk. But chia seeds contain 6 times more calcium than milk and are high in iron. So very good for our bones. This chia seed contains 3 times more iron than the spinach.

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chia seeds in tamil

Good for hair:

These chia seeds are high in protein and keratin. In particular, it contains 20 times more protein than beans. The keratin in it helps the hair to grow longer and thicker.


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