Three ingredients that will lower your sugar level and make you eat sweet.


India tops the list of most diabetic patients in the world.

Diabetes, Dates


Mix a tablespoon of dill in a liter of water and put it in the oven and boil well. Let it cool and then drink that water. Next mix four teaspoons of dill with 4 teaspoons of water in a bowl for the third time. The water that was soaked overnight should be replaced the next morning and the bowl should be kept in the bridge for at least three days. Three days later, the dill sprouts. Eat one teaspoon a day of non-bitter dill


Eating marrow two or three times a week can lower blood sugar levels. That smooth part in the marrow helps control diabetes. How to use it Take a liter of water and cut three or four marrow into small pieces. Take the marrow the next morning and squeeze it well and drink that water.

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Finely chop the gooseberries and mix it with half the water in the juice and drink it after eating.

If you drink dill water one day, drink gooseberry water the next day and then marrow water the next day. Diabetes can be controlled quickly. Use these tips to cure your diabetes naturally.


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