To cure joint pain, put this in milk and eat it.


Many problems in our body today are caused by calcium deficiency. Do this and eat to strengthen the bones to eliminate calcium deficiency and always be refreshed and active anywhere in the body without pain.


First put a pan in the oven and add 4 tbsp black sesame seeds and fry till tender. Immediately transfer it to a plate and set aside to cool. Put this sesame in a mixi jar and add 10 almonds, 10 cashews, two lumps of caraway seeds and 4 cardamoms for those who like cardamom. Grind everything into a powder. As soon as you grind in the mix this powder will be a little hot.

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Store this powder in an airtight glass jar after pouring it on a slightly damp plate and it will not spoil for a month. If possible, buy cow’s milk, heat it and keep it warm. Add a spoonful of this powder and mix well. White sugar must not be added for sweet taste. You can mix it with sugar or honey and drink it. (Can be mixed with pocket milk if cow’s milk is not available.) Do not drink this milk and go to bed immediately. Drink this milk during the day as much as possible. Go to bed 1 hour after drinking milk. If you have problems like body fatigue, joint pain, neck pain, body tremors, etc. for 40 consecutive days, mix 1 tsp of this powder in 1 tsp of milk and drink it.

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