Violent Ventilator Treatment Than Corona -Don’t forget to put on the Padiccha mask.


You may have often heard about the ventilator treatment given to some people infected with the corona virus.

Ventilator therapy is a painful treatment in which a tube is inserted into the trachea through your throat. The tube stays there until you heal or you die. Then you will not be able to speak or eat by yourself – that’s all you will be alive with that machine.

To control the pain caused by this treatment, doctors will continue to prescribe anesthetics and painkillers. A patient who recovers after 20 days from this treatment loses 40% of the muscle function of the body. Also gets injuries in the mouth and larynx, as well as lung or heart disorders. It is for this reason that the elderly or the already weak die without being able to withstand this treatment.

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Also during this treatment a tube is placed in your stomach through the nose or through the skin to inject liquid food. Next you will have a bag around your back to collect waste, a bag to collect urine, and an IV device to collect fluids.

Nurses will move your arms and legs every two hours. They will lay you in a water bed to lower your body temperature to 40 .You will not even allow your wife or children to see you .We hope you will not refuse to wear the mask even after knowing that so many atrocities are being treated with this ventilator.

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