Will increasing age affect the chances of having a baby?


The basis of marriage is to create the next generation. Some people do not understand its basics and live thinking that marriage is only after settling down in life. As the couple gets older, everything from getting married to having children becomes a problem.

Many will doubt whether there is a link between childbirth and age. Is a substitute for what doctors provide. There is such a thing as a fertile time for childbearing for both men and women. Understanding this can prevent the emergence of street-to-street childbearing centers.

The reproductive system of both males and females is different. The female is born with a certain amount of eggs in her ovary called the ovary. Flowering occurs as it matures and prepares for fertilization. Menstruation stops after a certain period of time. We call this menopause.

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But for males, sperm production continues until their death. Even at the age of 70, 80 but can be a father. For that his sperm quality is enough.

That is why women are told to have children in their early 20s. Their chances of conceiving increase during this period. By the age of 30 everything is down to quality egg production. Quality eggs are less likely to develop after the age of 35.

Although sperm production lasts a lifetime until matched, its quality decreases after the age of 45 years. Due to this, the chances of getting pregnant are reduced and the chances of miscarriage increase due to the lack of health even if you are pregnant.

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Researchers report that a woman’s egg development slows down by the age of 30. This reduces their chances of conceiving. Increases the chance of miscarriage. In addition, it increases the risk of infections of the fallopian tube, endometrium, and uterus.

Older women are more likely to have postpartum complications such as dehydration and less likely to have a miscarriage.

Therefore, women over the age of 30 or 35 are advised to consult a gynecologist and take nutritional pills before planning to become pregnant.

It is true that increasing age reduces the chance of having a baby! It is a good idea for women to plan for marriage and childbirth by the mid-20s to avoid pregnancy and childbirth complications!

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