Women can have a baby by drinking this for a few days


If there is any problem related to the uterus, the cervical disease can be cured by drinking distilled water mixed with goose milk. One zone size should be drunk on an empty stomach every morning. For those who have a lot of bleeding problem, clean the turmeric leaf, grind it with lemon juice, dip it in good oil and eat it on an empty stomach to reduce bleeding

Paranormal medicine says that in the morning when you are very thirsty, you can squeeze the juice of turmeric flower, take a teaspoon and mix it with the same amount of honey and eat it to get rid of dryness, thirst and asthma throughout the day.

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Men who bathe their heads daily and women who bathe their heads frequently are the ones who have the problem of dehydration in the skull. They need to grind the turmeric leaf without letting it take water and take two or three drops inside the nostrils or inhale. In half an hour all the water in the head is absorbed and exhaled through the nose.

Grinding turmeric flower and gooseberry milk seeds and drinking green milk will increase the manhood. The fatigue after the secretion will be resolved. Increase appetite. Jaundice is cured. Bile dizziness and vomiting will be cured. Grind thyme root, thyme leaf and wet onion and build it.


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