Women even in the days of Periods, b. D. This hedge plant that makes Usha run like that.


In rural areas, the wedding drumsticks that grow on the edges of the fence have numerous medicinal properties. For some, the day-to-day menstrual cycle may be difficult. This is the kind of problem ullavanka kalyana drumstick leaf squeeze the juice for three days before menstruation, then three days in the morning just drink this juice vaittula.

These can help you when you are looking for herbal remedies for skin problems like rashes and scabies. In particular, children are more likely to have skin rashes when playing in the soil.

Grind the kalyana drumstick leaf and take the juice. Grind turmeric in it and apply it on the affected areas like scabies. When they are dry, wash the skin with warm water and bathe to get rid of the skin disease.

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After childbirth, the baby can be taken to the wedding drum to be deficient in breast milk secretion. Like drumstick leaf, kalyana drumstick leaf is fried and mashed and eaten by breastfeeding.

Breast milk secretion begins to decline as early as three months of age. Breast milk secretion may be low enough to fill the baby’s stomach as the baby grows.

And this tree is a boon for the baby! Squeezing the leaves of this tree and drinking it on an empty stomach every morning will remove the barriers related to pregnancy in women and increase egg production. If you chop the leaf of this tree and grind it with onion, coconut and ghee and eat it five times a day, you will secrete breast milk well. If you continue to drink this leaf juice, you will lose weight. Its bark is a good remedy for snake bites.

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