Yellow milk to help boost immunity during corona!


Many people do not start the day without coffee and tea. Prior to this, the owner of the cow near our house was milking the milk. Now everything has changed to pocket milk. The availability of nutrient-deficient cow’s milk in the city is becoming a horse’s horn.

We buy one or two liters of green milk and pocket milk daily. Keeping milk and some household items during this corona period can solve various problems ranging from immunity to insomnia.

Yellow milk:

Add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk and bring to a boil. This milk can be filtered and drunk hot with country sugar or black currant.

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You can also add cardamom, bark, ginger and millet to this milk.

Yellow milk would be best for today’s corona-affected India. A drop of turmeric milk mixed with bark, ginger, pepper, sugar or cashews provides all the nutrients the body needs. This yellow milk provides nutrients including calcium, manganese, curcumin, antioxidants and protein. This yellow milk will boost the immune system. This will reduce the chances of getting various infections from the common cold. Eliminates sore throat, sore throat and dry cough.

The presence of curcumin destroys cancer cells. Controlling the inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Strengthens limbs and spine.

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People with constipation should drink two teaspoons of ghee mixed with milk before going to bed. This will increase the efficiency of the digestive tract and alleviate the problem of constipation.

People suffering from insomnia should drink warm milk shortly before going to sleep. Some molecules in milk stimulate the sleep of tryptophan and melatonin. The question may arise as to whether drinking milk during the day does not increase the secretion of melatonin. The clock in our body only secretes melatonin at night. So don’t worry.


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