You can live a long day if you eat 2 fruits and 3 vegetables daily


The desire of everyone to live healthy for long days. But no one wants to make biological changes accordingly. Research shows that adding three vegetables and two fruits a day can increase life expectancy.

No one needs to know that vegetables and fruits are healthy for the body. Everyone knows that vegetables and fruits are nutritious and can keep us healthy. It does not include large amounts, however. It can be said that we add it to the joint, fry, broth daily. Nutrients are degraded in such boiled, steamed, oiled vegetables.

The answer is to take three vegetables a day in the form of a salad and chew two kinds of fruit well. Studies show that they help protect us from various diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

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Scientists have studied almost one lakh people in this regard for 30 years. Alci also researched 26 published studies on longevity. Of these, they found that those who consumed more vegetables raw had a longer lifespan.

Based on this, scientists have recommended eating three vegetables and two fruits daily. Consumption of five different types of vegetables and fruits is sufficient for our health. Experts say that adding one, two vegetables and fruits will not bring any additional benefits.

Anne Dortick, a professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, says: “Not all vegetables and fruits are the same. Citrus fruits, green vegetables, starchy vegetables, fruits have different benefits.

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If we have half the cooked food on our plate, then having the same amount of green vegetables and fruits will keep us healthy. ”


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