Young people who will never wear headphones! Get rid of this disease in the future.


Young people who will never wear headphones!  Get rid of this disease in the future.

Nowadays many of us wander around with headphones stuck in our ears.

Effective Tips To Clean Your Ear

In order to keep up with the workload, listening to music on headphones 24 hours a day has become our hobby. Due to this, the ability to hear is slowly declining today.

Researchers say that tobacco use gradually reduces a person’s ability to hear. So, give up the habit of smoking.

It is important to keep the ears clean. Do not leave the continent every day for that. On the surface, clean the ears daily after bathing. See a doctor often if you feel like you have any problem.

More than 200 anti-biotic and anti-cancer drugs have been shown to reduce hearing loss. Taking too much aspirin can also affect your ability to hear.

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Learn about some of the signs that dirt is stored in the ears. If these symptoms persist, it is best to see a doctor and get tested. . Ear pain. Decreased hearing or part-time deafness. Ringing in the ear. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Ear abscess drainage. Dizzy . Odor from the ear. Itching or irritation in the ears. Severe vortex sensation. Loss of balance. Inability to walk. Vomiting. High fever. Sudden deafness

Hot distillate like coconut oil can be used to clean the dirt in the ears. Take coconut oil in a small bowl. Start boiling to keep this oil warm. Apply 3-4 drops of warm oil on the ear. This warm oil acts as a solvent and dissolves the wax in the ear, making it easier to expel. Thus when the oil falls into the ear, if the head is turned in the opposite direction, the oil will go deep inside the ear. Cover the ear with a sponge in order to keep the oil in the ear overnight. Rinse the ear off the water the next morning and rinse the oil with water to the maximum.

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Good results can be obtained by constantly cleaning the ears with soft pads. The thing you need to look out for during this endeavor – is to choose soft butts. Do not use butts or tools that could damage the ear or its interior. Good quality and soft butts are available at pharmacies.

Just as we get tired if we keep running all day, our ears get tired if we keep listening to noise all day. So, sit in a quiet place for an hour or two daily and rest your ears.


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