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What actors do to look young?, many big actors have done surgery

There are frequent discussions of heroine surgery in Bollywood. Somebody’s nose job and someone’s lip job is rumored and there is panic on social media. But do you know that not only actresses, Bollywood actors have also undergone surgery. Shocked not, so let’s also tell you about it.

Shahid Kapoor’s cuteness and rough look are well-liked. But it seems that Shahid also got plastic surgery done a long time ago. Rumor has it that Shahid Kapoor got the nose job done.

It is said that Saif Ali Khan has done Botox treatment many times. Questions were raised on Saif’s looks when many people believed that he had got his face lifted and his dark circles removed with surgery. By the way, if you look at the photos of his first and now, then the difference is visible.

It is said about Ranbir Kapoor that he got his hair transplant done. This was actually done to fix the hairline. If you look at the old photos of Ranbir, then you will know that his hairline used to be quite crooked.

Salman Khan has talked about his hair transplant in an interview. He admitted that he had got a hair transplant done. Apart from this, it is said that Salman has also got Botox and cheek fillers done.

The news about Aamir Khan’s Mr. Perfectionist is that he likes to keep his characters perfect and not just his looks. You will be surprised to know that Aamir has got cosmetic surgery done. With the help of this, he got the wrinkles removed from his face.

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is also told that he has also made himself young with the help of Botox and other ejections. Shahrukh Khan, the heartbeat of crores of hearts, always wants to look young and we can understand this.

Karan Johar himself confirmed that he has got Botox done. It is also said that apart from Botox, some surgeries have also been done by Karan. According to the news, Karan has got some dermal filler done near his cheekbones and nose.

Bollywood’s famous singer and reality show judge Himesh Reshammiya is also not away from plastic surgery. When Himesh was new to the industry, he was always seen wearing a cap. But now he flaunts his hair a lot. It is said that the reason for this is his hair transplant surgery.

If anyone can have the most shocking name in this list, then it is Akshay Kumar. There is news about Akshay, one of the fittest actors of Bollywood, that he has got a hair transplant done. When Akshay came to know that his hair started falling, he did not hide it. He started wearing fake hair and wigs in his films. It is said that later he took hair transplant treatment.

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